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The Gloucester County Zoning Ordinance has been in effect since July 1, 1984 with a county wide comprehensive rezoning of the ordinance effective February 1, 1998.  With the adoption of the zoning ordinance was the creation of the enforcement division of the Codes Compliance department.  In addition to permit review and approval, the division investigates complaints generated regarding potential zoning violations and enforces certain sections of the Gloucester County code such as inoperative motor vehicles, tall grass and weeds, and bulky waste and debris.

The zoning ordinance however does not regulate matters such as private lane/right of way disputes, noise ordinance, discharging firearms and items similar in nature.  Private matters are civil matters that must be handled on that level or through an attorney.  The Codes Compliance office and zoning division are tasked with the provision of services and enforcement of county code matters.

The zoning ordinance does regulate matters pertaining to uses permitted in specific zones, setbacks/yard regulations of principal and accessory structures including residential and commercial uses, home occupations, livestock and poultry, and sign regulations to name a few.

If you have a situation that you think may need attention from the zoning division, or a question for zoning staff or maybe would like to submit a complaint, you may either call at the above listed numbers or contact staff by the email links above.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
What department regulates subdivisions, subdividing, boundary line adjustments, etc.?
The Planning Department would assist with any of the above items including family transfers if you wish to deed property to a family member.

How far does a fence have to be off the property line?
The zoning ordinance exempts fences from yard regulations and permits.  This means there is no setback from the property line required for fences nor a zoning permit.  You may be required to obtain a building permit if you propose a privacy fence greater than 6' in height.

What department handles things such as noise complaints and firearms?
Those types of issues should be directed to the Sheriff's department at 804-693-3890.

I'm a renter and my landlord won't correct problems.  Who do I contact?
If you have issues such as faulty wiring, no water to your residence or other safety issues, you should contact the owner in writing by certified mail and give them reasonable time to correct the situation.  If you get no response, then seek assistance through the building official.  Please be informed that Gloucester County has not adopted the property maintenance code and therefore issues such as mold cannot be enforced.

How do I know what my property is zoned?
The zoning map is a layer on the mapping tool located on the GIS webpage and may be viewed by the public at any time via their web page once you've downloaded the viewer.

Do I need a permit to erect a sign?
All signs; new, replacements and refaces need a zoning permit and also may require a building permit.

Does Gloucester County allow home occupations?
Yes. Home occupations are permitted provided all criteria are met per Section 9-9.  Generally, home occupations type I are permitted if there is no customer nor employee traffic, no signs posted, no heavy equipment or material storage and are limited to the home or an accessory structure.  Type II home occupations are permitted if approved by the BZA.

Are manufactured homes permitted in Gloucester?
Manufactured homes, previously known as mobile homes are permitted in the RC-1 and RC-2 zones and are also permitted to replace lawful ones located in other zoning districts.
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