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Clean Community

  1. Clean Gloucester Day Sign Up Fall 2019

    We hope your group can "team up to clean up" on Clean Gloucester Day, October 12, 2019

  2. Group Cleanup Registration

    Want to conduct a cleanup in Gloucester? Clean Community would love to support your effort! After you complete this form, the... More…

  1. Cleanup Report Form
  2. Sign up for 2019 International Coastal Cleanup at Gloucester Point Beach

    We hope you can help us "team up to clean up" for International Coastal Cleanup Day at Gloucester Point Beach Park on September 14,... More…

Human Resources/Employee Plus

  1. News and Events

    Please complete this form to submit your news/events to the employee Intranet!

Information Technology

  1. Gloucester County Intranet Web Site Suggestions

    Tell us what you think, or if you have suggestions to make our Intranet site a more useful tool for employees. Some suggestions may be... More…

Voter Registrar

  1. EO Survey Questions
  1. Request For Appointment Form

    County of Gloucester General Registrar and the Electoral Board - Request for Appointment Form