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Every web page on our site with the exception of a few specialized web pages will have tabs at the top of the page consisting of standardized hyperlinks for navigation. This provides our visitors with a clear and concise tool for navigating Gloucester County's web site. We also provide a "Quick Links Menu" to find the information you are looking for speedily and accurately.  You may also use the navigation at the very bottom of each page.  A new navigation feature to our website which is commonly called "bread crumbs" is located below the tabs on the left side of the web page.  "Bread crumbs" show where you have been and how to quickly return to previous pages.

File Formats
You will find the following file formats on our site. If you do not have the software to view these file types, you may download them at no cost.

  • .htm/.html - standard web page format (no download needed)
  • .asp/.aspx - active server pages (no download needed)
  • .pdf - Adobe Acrobat format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) Acrobat Reader graphic
  • .doc - Microsoft Word format (Word Viewer) Microsoft Word Viewer graphic
  • .xls - Microsoft Excel format (Excel Viewer) Microsoft Excel Viewer graphic
  • .ppt - Microsoft PowerPoint format (PowerPoint Viewer) Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer graphic
  • .wmv - Windows Media format (Windows Media Player) Windows Media Player graphic

Language Translation

We offer links to Google’s free language translation service for assistance with converting textual content to other languages. Text in graphics, PDF files, and special applications cannot be translated. Since the translations are generated by machines, not all translation will be accurate. There are no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied to the accuracy, correctness, or reliability of any language translation.

Searching for Information
There is a box on every page to search our entire web site for keywords of topics you may be interested in viewing.

Alerts or special announcements during emergency situations will be displayed on the home page.

Convenient services
When you see the printer icon printer icon graphic, you may click the printer graphic to display only the information in that area.  This allows you to print only what you are interested in instead of printing the entire page.  Go Green!   (A pop-up window is required for this service.) 

When you see the syndicate (RSS) icon RSS feed icon graphic, you may click the syndicate graphic to subscribe to the content in that area and be notified when updates occur to the information.

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is web content that can be organized and viewed from a single location using a web browser or news reader. The web browser or news reader checks the web content for updates at scheduled intervals and notifies the subscriber to read the new information.


- select only the news/updates you want to receive
- determine how often to check for updates
- reduces emails from email news groups
- possibly reduce SPAM emails


What is needed to get started?
You will need a RSS news feed reader software installed on your computer. Some web browsers automatically include the reader or you can use your favorite search engine to find free RSS readers.

How to subscribe to a feed?
Click on a news feed icon and subscribe. If you need assistance, read the instructions found within the RSS Reader software that you are using.

Learn more about accessibility.

Social Media Link Sharing
The ShareThis option is located at the bottom of every web page on Gloucester County's website.  ShareThis makes it easy and convenient for website visitors to share the URL of a web page with their Social Media site.  Click on one of the ShareThis Social Media icons, login, and add the URL to the page to share with friends, family, and business associates. For terms of use, visit the ShareThis website. There are no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied to the accuracy, correctness, or reliability of third party website features.

If you need technical assistance or have comments related to the Gloucester County, Virginia web site, please complete the form.

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