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     The Gloucester County Jail houses an average of 82 inmates daily. The jail continually passes all inspections required by the Virginia Department of Corrections, the State Fire Marshall’s Office and the Virginia Department of Health. Corrections deputies are responsible for the safety and security of the facility as well as all inmates and any individuals visiting the facility. Looking inside the daily operations of the jail, all inmate laundry services, food preparation, and painting/cleaning tasks are completed by inmates being supervised by staff.

      Most recently, the Sheriff had a clothesline erected inside the jail’s perimeter fence to offset energy and maintenance costs for the in-house clothes dryers. The Office has opted to better utilize existing space versus the expense of a jail expansion. For example, a former storage closet is now a safe, secure and private room to better accommodate attorneys meeting with their clients who are being housed in the jail. Future plans for this room also include a video orientation as a courtesy for each inmate booked into the jail to compliment their issued copy of the Gloucester County Jail Inmate Handbook.


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