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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), previously known as Food Stamps, is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture with Eligibility determination by the Department of Social Services. The SNAP program is administered without regard to age, race, color, sex, disability, religious creed, national origin, or political beliefs. The goal of the program is to reduce hunger and increase food security. The Program permits low-income households to have a more nutritious diet through normal channels of trade by increasing the food purchasing power for eligible households when there is a disaster.


If you are interested in applying for SNAP, here is the information you need to know:

1. SNAP (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) has separate rules, so you should apply even if other programs have limitations.

2. You may obtain an application at our office or we will mail one to you today.  If you have access to a computer, you can also apply online.

3. You may return your application to the agency in person, mail fax, outside drop box (after business hours) or electronically. Your application will be reviewed (during normal business hours) for possible expedite service on the day it is received.

 4. You are encouraged to be screened in our office or file an application today. The processing time and the benefits, if eligible, are based on your application date.

5. The Agency is open Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30. We are located across from Gloucester High School - 6641 Short Lane; P. O. Box # 1390 Gloucester, VA 23061    Phone # 804-693-2671      Fax # 804-693-5511  
If your resources and income are very low ($100.00 in resources and $ 150.00 in income) or you are a migrant or seasonal worker, or your combined gross monthly income and resources are less that  your family’s shelter expenses, you may be eligible for expedited service. This means if your eligible you are entitled to receive SNAP within 7 days following the date your application is filed at the local Social Services Department.
Your application will be reviewed on the day it is received for possible expedited services. You have a right to file an application even if you appear to be ineligible for the program.

To apply for services please click on link below:


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