Pocahontas & The Virginia Indians Online Course

Class #8- Pocahontas- Legacy, Myths, Realities and Relevance

Formal Class Content

VMHC Session 3: Pocahontas –Legacy, Myths, Realities and Relevance (2018 / 83 minutes)>


Statues and Artistic Commemorations of Pocahontas

There are many ways the visual arts have been used to portray Pocahontas over the years.  Below are links to three very different artistic presentations of Pocahontas and a link to a set of images of Pocahontas, including using her image to sell commercial products.

On a brick wall, part of the Syon House estate in Brentford UK


A statue of Pocahontas in Pocahontas, Arkansas


A statue of Pocahontas in Pocahontas, Iowa (link includes a video about the statue)


A set of images from the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation’s Pocahontas Imagined exhibit (2017)


Class #8 Thoughtwork (to be done after reviewing all class content)

• Thanks to the VMHC students have now heard from a set of experts representing the Virginia Tribes, academia and the faith community discussing the life, legend and legacy of Pocahontas. If you had been at the Pocahontas Symposium in 2018, what questions would you have liked to ask of which panelists? Motivated students who really have a question(s) they want answered are encouraged to send them to Rick Tatnall and he will try and get an answer from the chosen panelist.

• Students have now been presented with a full examination of the woman most famously known as Pocahontas. What do you think is Pocahontas’ greatest legacy? Do you see Pocahontas as relevant today? If so, do you see ways that Pocahontas is relevant to you and your life, now and into the future?

• What do you wish for your own legacy? Compare the legacy you desire for yourself with the legacy of Pocahontas. What do you two have in common?