Maryus Landing Cleanup 2-22-2020

We need your help! Team up to clean up Maryus Landing in preparation for the installation of a landscape mural designed by local artist Lori Green of Magical Wish Photography and endorsed by the Guinea Heritage Association.

There are chunks of concrete and other large debris, so bring your muscles and maybe even a shovel? Clean Community will provide gloves, safety vests, bags, and grabbers. It will be almost low tide, but boots or closed-toe shoes are recommended. We are hoping to have a dump truck onsite to toss the trash right into.

Please click here for the easy signup form so we can get a headcount and bring enough supplies. The Clean Community Coordinator will send you a confirmation email later in the week, plus a reminder closer to the date.

crying seagull in front of a beautiful marsh. Seagull is holding a piece of trash in its bill.