Pocahontas Women’s Leadership Conference

Date & Time TBD- Henricus Historical Park

The Pocahontas Project, in partnership with Henricus Historical Park, will be holding a Pocahontas Women’s Leadership Conference in an effort to honor the life exampled offered by Pocahontas, and to inspire the next generation of women leaders.

Pocahontas changed the world during her short 22 years of life. Betrayed by both the Powhatan people and her friends among the English, she rose above the many hardships and stressors thrown at her by two clashing cultures. In the end her toils, sacrifice, and choices to endure a cultural transformation, baptize to Christianity, and remain with the English through marriage brought a lasting peace among the Powhatan and English colonists. She was a strong and dynamic person over 400 years ago and the strength of her story stays with us today. 

In 2020, as we face the extreme uncertainty and adversity caused by COVID-19, the world desperately needs similar leadership, from its young citizens and people of all ages. Hosted by Anne Richardson, Chief of the Rappahannock Indian Tribe, the Conference will present the thoughts, suggestions and predictions of six women community leaders in Virginia, each representing a different societal subset of our Commonwealth.  Speakers will discuss the importance of the many leadership qualities Pocahontas presented in the face of adversity, including hope, purpose, critical thinking, civic involvement, shared responsibility, and perseverance.  While final commitments are still being arranged, the conference speakers will be recognized Virginia women leaders in six categories: government, faith, education, non-profit, criminal justice, and media.

The content will be relevant and inspirational for secondary school students and adults of all ages.  The conference will also be an international affair, with marketing efforts in England, Australia, Canada and a growing number of countries.  In its marketing the Pocahontas Project and Henricus will look to engage emerging women leaders in the world’s secondary schools to inspire the next generation of global trailblazers. 

More information will be available in the coming weeks at www.henricus.org and on their Facebook page.

More About Henricus Historical Park 

Commemorating more than 400 years of history, Henricus Historical Park re-creates 17th-century life in the second successful permanent English settlement in the New World and in the Powhatan Indian site of Arrohateck. Due to its prime location as a military outpost on a bluff overlooking the James River, the site also boasts rich Revolutionary War and Civil War history, which visitors may experience through special events and programs throughout the year. 

Surrounded by the 810-acre Dutch Gap Conservation Area, the living-history museum offers exceptional Pre-K-12 and adult education programs, and both indoor and outdoor meeting and special event space. Henricus Historical Park is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization that operates in partnership with the Henricus Foundation and the counties of Chesterfield and Henrico. For more information about Henricus Historical Park visit www.henricus.org and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.