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Community Engagement is a belief that learning is a lifelong process, that citizens have a right and a responsibility to be involved in decisions that affect their communities, that school facilities should be used as a learning center for all community members, and that interagency cooperation and coordination avoids costly duplication of services, and that everyone should be involved in the education of the entire community.

Quinton Sheppard, Community Engagement and Public Information Manager - qsheppard@gloucesterva.info

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Overview of Service

Community Involvement

Community Information

Agency Partnerships

  • Comprehensive Service Act for At-Risk Youth
  • Continuing Education Program with Career and Technical Education
  • Full Service School Project
  • Gloucester Resource Council
  • Liaison with Rappahannock Community College

Coordinators Role

  • Coordination of Speakers, Study Trips, and Outreach for Elementary Students
  • Parent Involvement in Education
  • PTA Liaison
  • Special Projects and Events
  • Volunteers and Community Partnership Programs
  • Youth Enrichment and Enhancement Programs