Battle of the Hook

In 2018, Gloucester County received funding from the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) of the National Park Service to complete a site documentation and preservation plan for the Battle of the Hook. Published in 2021, the project showcases archival and archeological research that provides a strategy for preservation planning and supplies information needed to submit a National Register nomination in the future. Over the course of the project, there were three public meetings held to update citizens on the progress of the project and to provide an opportunity for questions and comments.

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Volume 2 of the report that includes all of the appendices and is accessible by clicking here

Presentations from the three public meetings are available below:

Public Meeting #1 (6-25-2019)

Public Meeting #2 (11-13-2019)

Public Meeting #3 (7-7-2021)

In addition, we have an image of the Battle of the Hook map within current Gloucester County shown here.