Master Gardeners Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Our meetings are usually on the first Monday of each month unless it falls on a holiday. 


2022 Gloucester Master Gardener Officers

  • Susan Camp, President
  • Wendy Calder, Vice-President
  • Pat Knight, Secretary
  • Patti McGrath, Treasurer
  • Janet Hostenske, Member-at-Large
  • Bill Blair, Coordinator

2021 Gloucester Master Gardener Officers

  • Chris Conley, President
  • Debbie Brown, Vice-President
  • Pat Knight, Secretary
  • Ann Williams, Treasurer
  • Wendy Calder, Member-at-Large
  • Bill Blair, Coordinator*

2020 Gloucester Master Gardener Officers

  • Chris Conley, President
  • Debbie Brown, Vice-President
  • Rose Sullivan, Secretary
  • Ann Williams, Treasurer
  • Patti McGrath, Member-at-Large
  • Bill Blair, Coordinator*

*The Coordinator serves as a liaison with Virginia Tech and other organizations. They inform the Gloucester Master Gardeners of upcoming horticultural events and provide yearly report information to the Extension Office.

EXTERNAL (Public Ed Programs)

Special Events

  • Daffodil Festival
    Booth: Rose Sullivan
     Tours:  Rose Sullivan
  • Ready, Set, Grow
    Chairperson:  Anne Markwith
  • Guinea Jubilee
    Chairperson:  TBD
  • Winter Library Series
    Chairperson:  H. Thompson
  • Hort Lectures Ready to Go
    Chairperson:  Bob Beyea
  • Home and Garden Show
    Chairperson:  Kathy Gierlak
  • Page Science Fair
     Chairperson:  Anne Markwith
  • Garden Week Tours
     Chairperson: Bonnie Bernard
  • NAACP Health Fair
    Chairperson: Deb Bartok-Newton
  • Healthy Families (inactive)
  • Rosewell (inactive)

GMG Activities

  • Horticulture Therapy
    Gloucester House: B. Hicks
    Walter Reed: Terrie Evans
  • Horticulture Help Desk
    Wanda Eberle
  • Plant Extravaganza
    Chairperson:  Melanie Storrs 
  • Gazette Journal Column
    Chairperson:  Susan Camp
  • Gloucester Gardening Book
    Chairperson:  Ruby Gardner
  • Woodville Park
    Chairperson:  Interns
  • Scholarship Program(HS/4-H)
    Coordinator:  Kay Williamson
  • Abingdon Church Gardens
    Chairperson:  Nancy Choquette
  • Beaverdam Demo Garden
    Chairperson:  Interns
  • Gateway to Gloucester
    Chairperson: Brenda Booth
INTERNAL (Unit Maintenance & Training)


  • Newsletter Editor
    Janet Gomez
  • Web Site Maintenance/VMSP
    B. Walker, R. Gardner
  • Facebook
    Patti McGrath
  • Member Roster & Directory
    Rose Sullivan
  • Publicity
    Chairperson: Kay Williamson Historian/Photographer:
    Chairperson:  Bonnie Bernard
  • Project/Budget Review Committee
    Chairperson:  Vice President
  • Parliamentarian
    Chairperson:  Past President
  • GMG Clothing Coordinator
    Rose Sullivan
  • Extension Leadership Council
  • VMGA Representative
    Bonnie Bernard

Administrative (cont'd)

  • VCE Coordinator

Training Programs

  • Member Training (Programs)
    Chairperson:  B. Walker &
    Rose Sullivan
  • Intern Training
    Steve Faherty & Melanie Storrs
  • Intern Mentoring
    Member at Large


  • December Holiday Party
    Chairperson:  Member at Large
    Zoom Meetings:
     Patti McGrath
    Background Checks:
     Bill Blair

    Revised:  22 March 2022

View a list of officers from previous years (PDF).


The Extension Leadership Council is a diverse group of individuals who work with an ever-changing Extension program. The Council helps identify the needs and concerns of Gloucester, and also shares a commitment to finding solutions, implementing them and evaluating and reporting results.