Adopt a Boat Landing

Form a group (kayakers, fishing buddies, family...) and sign up to do regular cleanups together at a boat landing. The Clean Community Office can provide cleanup supplies. You’ll feel great taking care of Gloucester County’s superb recreational resources!

How We Can Help

Clean Community can lend supplies for your cleanup including vests, gloves, grabbers, and bags

We can arrange for pickup of your bagged trash when you are finished. Please call (804)693-5370 with the location requiring a pickup.

Safety First

• If your spot is near a street, wear a bright safety vest to enhance your visibility.

• Sure, this is a hands-on job, but not bare hands-on, wear work gloves for protection.

• Work only in daylight hours and good weather conditions.

• Wear sunscreen and insect repellent, as necessary.

• Wear boots if your spot is a stream or creek area or wear the appropriate protective shoes.