National Park Passport Cancellation Stamp Location

Did you know that Gloucester has a Passport Cancellation Stamp Location?
You may have seen these books in our gift shop and wonder what they are and why Gloucester has them. These books won’t get you on an airplane or into another country, but they are a fun activity to take along with you when you travel in the US! The passport book allows you to collect stamps from national parks & trails. This makes for a fun and unique way to remember your trip! 
Gloucester is a stop along the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail which means we have a stamp to add to your collection!
This trail spans from Virginia to New York and consists of 31 locations. If you already have a national park passport book you can bring it to the Gloucester Visitor Center and use the stamp in the brochure room. If you don’t already have a book the Visitor Center has those for purchase too!  
Click the link below to view other locations along the trail that has a passport stamp location too! 
National Park Passport Stamp Here!