A strategic priority of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors is to provide all residents of Gloucester County options for access to unrestricted, fast, and reliable broadband service.

Broadband Providers in Gloucester County





UPDATE AS OF 5/16/2023

  • Out of state resources were deployed to Gloucester this past week to investigate potential hub locations and knock on the doors of potential users of the broadband service. 
  • Saturday follow-ups proved to be successful as Open Broadband personnel were able to catch people at home. 
  • There were a total of 34 sign-ups on the Open Broadband website. 
  • Gloucester's Community Engagement & Public Information Department is finalizing an informational video to be shared regarding what the broadband service can offer and how it has benefited residents.  

UPDATE AS OF 5/3/2023

  • The BZA Tower Land Surveys are progressing, and the Gloucester Open Broadband team is assisting with the easement conversations to help us close the gap.
  • Open Broadband has started to identify "loss of service" hub locations to extend coverage to more difficult areas. The company has also been mapping site surveys to plot out coverage and where it needs to focus its attention for hub spots.
  • The work of VATI continues along Pampa, Owl Trap, Turks Ferry and Salem Church Roads in Gloucester and along the Eastern side of the North River in Mathews. 
  • Open Broadband has narrowed down the placement of the equipment for the Page water tower and will have this information for the Gloucester Point water tower by next week. 
  • Open Broadband is continuing to work on completing new installs. 
  • OBB staff are actively working on site surveys and on locating hub locations.
  • Preparations are being completed to prepare for the towers that will require BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) approval. 
  • The placement of equipment on the former Page school water tower and the Gloucester Point water tower is being finalized. 
  • Work has begun on locating hub sites for extending coverage. 
  • Open Broadband has officially begun installing CBRS (Citizen Broadband Radio Systems) in Gloucester and Mathews. This is the LTE technology that is allowing Open Broadband to transmit internet to homes where point-to-point service is blocked or unavailable.
  • Technicians from Eastern North Carolina have been reassigned to work on the install list in this area. 

UPDATE AS OF 2/24/2023

Gloucester County is working with a third-party vendor, Open Broadband, LLC to implement wireless broadband to all areas of Gloucester. Our project is not tied to any other counties' implementation of broadband. Therefore, each County has their own contracts and vendors.

  • The first installation of technology used in Gloucester is awaiting Federal government approval. 
  • Open Broadband is working to notify all the 131 VATI grant homes first. (Click link for more information on the VATI grant). 
  • Then, they will begin contacting the 2,500 residences and businesses that are not served right now by Cox. 
  • Finally, they will reach out to anyone in the County who desires Open Broadband. 

Gloucester County has asked Open Broadband to move quickly now that the first towers are configured, and certification is days away. 

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**If you have questions regarding Gloucester County's Broadband Initiative, contact Eric Beach, Gloucester's Director of Information Technology: 

Via e-mail:

Via phone: 804-693-1108**