Keeping Gloucester beautiful is a community effortCourt Circle

Get together with your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers to host a cleanup or beautification event at a public space...

  1. - Host a river cleanup via kayak for International Coastal Cleanup Day 
  2. - Plant trees to celebrate Arbor Day
  3. - Adopt a public spot to beautify on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

...the Clean Community Office can support your event and help to make it a success!  We have equipment to lend, county connections for arranging trash bag pickup, and a wide social media reach to help you publicize. All we ask is that you report back with your stats (e.g. how many people/bags of trash collected) using this Cleanup Report Form so we can use them for our grant reporting and keep the Clean Community office thriving.


Steps to A Successful Beautification Event

  • Decide on an event type. Do you want to host a cleanup, recycling or planting event? The Clean Community Coordinator can help you brainstorming ideas if you like!
  • Set a date. Saturday mornings between 8 a.m. and noon tend to garner the most volunteers. Let the Clean Community Office know your date in advance, so we can help publicize your event and gather supplies for you.
  • Enlist assistance from the tall and small...invite neighborhood associations, church groups, scouts, civic organizations, and others.
  • Create a checklist of equipment you will need for your event. The Clean Community Coordinator can lend you trash bags, litter grabbers, gloves, safety vests, and other items you may need.
  • Celebrate a job well done! It's a nice idea to congratulate your volunteers by hosting a picnic after the event. 
  • Send Clean Community photos of your event, and we'll submit them to the local press for publication. 
  • Fill out our Cleanup Report Form please, so our office can continue to be grant-funded.


The Gloucester Clean Community Office also hosts Clean Gloucester Days twice a year in March and October, provides educational programs for groups and schoolchildren, and manages the Adopt-a-Spot and Adopt-a-Boat-Landing programs. To schedule an educational program or talk for your group, please contact the Clean Community office at 804-693-5370 or .

The Virginia Department of Transportation manages the Adopt-a-Highway program. For information, please visit VDOT's website.