Spring Clean Gloucester Day: March 24-25, 2023


Spring Clean Gloucester Day 2023 Report

We couldn't do this without you!

Thank you for helping keep Gloucester clean and green!  

Clean Community NEW LOGO FINAL 2022 

Please don't forget to fill out and return your Cleanup Report. 

Click on the link below to give us the stats of your clean up i.e. how many bags, where, etc.!

*Clean Up Report*

TU2CU Final Dark Green

Fall Cleanup 2022 Report

Thank you for our amazing volunteers who took time to help with Fall Clean Gloucester Day!

 105 volunteers collected 145 bags (3,190lbs) of trash in over 41.25 hours! 

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Clean Gloucester Day is part of the Great American Cleanup, a two-day effort to remove litter and improve community appearance across all 17 cities and counties in Hampton Roads. Community beautification projects include:

- Removing litter from roadsides, neighborhoods, beaches, waterways, and parks for cleaner communities

- Planting trees, flowers and community gardens to strengthen green infrastructure

- Restoring nature trails, parks and playgrounds to encourage outdoor activity

- Recycling old or unwanted items junking up your home or yard

- Restoring business districts and thoroughfares to encourage economic development

Everyone has a role to play in keeping Hampton Roads beautiful. 

From individuals to families, school groups to civic organizations, small businesses to large corporations. 

YOU can make a difference for your community.