Fall Clean Gloucester Day: October 1, 2022

CLICK HERE to sign up for Fall Clean Gloucester Day!


You can drop off your borrowed supplies behind the Stewart Building at 6382 Main Street. If you were unable to bring the trash bags collected to a convenience center, please contact Clean Community at cleancommunity@gloucesterva.info as soon as possible!

Please don't forget to fill out and return your Cleanup Report. Click on the link below to give us the stats of your clean up i.e. how many bags, where, etc.! 

Clean Up Report

Spring Cleanup 2022 Report

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who participated in our Spring Clean Gloucester Day! 

In Spring 2022, 550 participants spent 195 hours at 83 sites, picking up **803** bags ( 20,250 lbs.) of trash from our roadsides!! WOW!! You can see the difference out there! Huge thank you to all of your who participated in this great cause! 

Hampton Roads as a whole had an astounding 1,400+ volunteers collaborate over March 25-26 to clear more than 63,600 pounds (nearly 32 tons) of litter from our public spaces. Gloucester amounted for 1/3 of that count!!