Summons to Answer Interrogatories

A Summons to Answer Interrogatories is a post-judgment series of written questions drawn up for the purpose of ascertaining the personal estate of a judgment debtor, and to ascertain any real estate, in or out of this Commonwealth, to which the debtor named in a judgment and fieri facias is entitled. Upon the application of the execution creditor, the clerk of the circuit court from which such fieri facias is issued shall issue a summons against the execution debtor. The execution creditor must furnished to the court a certificate stating that he or she has not proceeded against the execution debtor in the last six months preceding the date of such certificate.

The summons shall require the debtor to appear before the court from which the fieri facias issued in which such court is located, to answer such interrogatories as may be propounded to him by the execution creditor or his attorney, or the court, as the case may be. The debtor or other person served with such summons shall appear at the time and place mentioned and make answer to such interrogatories.