Commissioner of Revenue


Master Commissioner Designation

Gloucester’s Commissioner of the Revenue JoAnne Harris was recently designated as a Master Commissioner of the Revenue by the Commissioner of the Revenue Association (CORA) of Virginia. The designation comes just over two years after Harris took office.

The Master Commissioner designation demonstrates an advanced knowledge, competency, and professional accomplishment of Commissioners, according to the CORA of Virginia. To qualify, a commissioner must meet certain criteria, including maintaining continuing education through the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

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Mission Statement

To serve with integrity and respect, while upholding the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Gloucester. We pledge to listen to the needs and concerns of our citizens, to be uniform in our methods, and to be honest in all communications.

Vision Statement

To remain effective and efficient while keeping abreast of the changes in tax law, the advances in technology and the growth of the community.