Adult Protective Services

Each year, many older adults, 60 and older and younger adults, 18 years of age or older who are incapacitated are victims of mistreatment by family members, by persons who are responsible for their care, or other care givers.


The code of Virginia 63.2-1603 through 63.2-1610 mandates that local Departments of Social Services provide protective services to adults. Adult Protective Services is responsible for investigating allegations of neglect and abuse. Adult Protective Services (APS) consists of assessing service needs and coordinating services where they are available. They also refer matters to the appropriate licensing, regulatory agency or legal authority for administrative action or criminal investigation.


The name of person who makes the report will be held confidential by the local Department of Social Services. The name of the person cannot be revealed. You do not have to give your name when you make a report.

Mandated Reporters

Any person may voluntarily report suspected abuse to Adult Protective Services. Some people are required by the Code of Virginia to report suspected abuse. These people are called mandated reporters and they must report suspected abuse, neglect and exploitation to APS immediately. The Code of Virginia identifies mandated reporters.