Industrial Development Bond (IDB) Program

Creditworthy companies seeking to finance the acquisition, construction and equipping of industrial and commercial facilities can obtain long-term financing at favorable interest rates and terms through the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority’s (VSBFA) Industrial Development Bond Programs

Taxable and Tax-Exempt Industrial Development Bonds are available to assist borrowers with securing favorable interest rates through this program, which are often more attractive than found through conventional financing.

Loan Guaranty Program

The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority’s (VSBFA) Loan Guaranty Program is designed to help Virginia's small businesses obtain the funds to start, enhance, or expand their operations and thereby creates new jobs for citizens of the Commonwealth. The VSBFA guaranty reduces the bank’s credit risk and helps the business qualify for financing that would not otherwise be available.

Virginia Capital Access Program

The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority's (VSBFA) Virginia Capital Access Program (VCAP) provides access to capital for Virginia businesses by helping banks in Virginia to make loans to businesses that may have difficulty obtaining a conventional loan without a credit enhancement. Unlike typical government guaranty programs, which provide a guaranty of a specific loan, VCAP utilizes an insurance concept on a portfolio of loans. 

VSBFA establishes a loan loss reserve at each participating bank, which is funded by enrollment fees paid by the Borrower / Bank and matching fees paid by the VSBFA. Because the participating bank determines what loans to enroll without VSBFA’s involvement, VCAP is a flexible, non-bureaucratic tool to assist banks in meeting the financing needs of Virginia’s businesses.

Environmental Compliance Assistance Fund

The Environmental Compliance Assistance Fund is a direct loan from the VSBFA to a business that seeks to finance equipment that will have quantifiably less impact on the environment or the business is seeking to implement voluntary agricultural best management practices (BMPs). Bank participation is not required.

Economic Development Loan Fund (EDLF)

The Virginia Economic Development Loan Fund was established to facilitate capital investment in eligible Virginia communities (as established by the Economic Development Administration) by providing qualifying borrowers direct loans which fill the gap needed to meet equity or conventional financing. The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority can finance up to 40% of the project cost or a maximum of $1,000,000.

Child Care Financing Program

The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority's Child Care Financing Program (CCFP) is designed to assist Virginia child care providers in obtaining financing for fixed asset needs and educational materials. The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority offers direct low-interest rate loans to regulated child care providers for quality enhancement projects or to meet or maintain childcare standards.