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See News Release on Witness Signature required on all absentee ballots 

Please make sure you have a Witness Signature on your Envelope B or your ballot will not count!  (Voters who have sent back an un-witnessed ballot, have been contacted on how to make sure their ballot counts). § 24.2-707 of the Code of Virginia.

Be Kind: Please take a moment to thank your Election Officers when you go to Vote- we cannot do it without these amazing people.  Your Friends, Neighbors, Family, and People living in your community serving you!  I cannot thank them enough-so give me a hand!

Our Mission

The mission of our office is to provide opportunities for all qualified citizens of the County of Gloucester to register to vote; to promote the integrity of the electoral process by maintaining accurate and current voter registration records used in elections; to coordinate elections so they are conducted in a manner that secures the qualified citizen’s right to vote and ensures that the results accurately reflect the voter’s will; and to be an information resource for citizens regarding voter registration, absentee voting, early voting, elections and your elected officials.

Sample Ballots

Click here to see the Sample Ballot Copy Law § 24.2-622. Sample ballots.

Click below to see your Sample Ballot:



YORK  DISTRICT – Ballot Style 3

In order determined by the Code & The State Board of Elections for November 2 , 2021:
(R) Republican (D) Democratic (LP) Liberation & (I) Independent.  Party designation for your local candidates will not be printed on your ballot.  Please note: Election officials within the Commonwealth of Virginia are by law not allowed to provide party designation for local candidates on the ballot 24.2-613). The only candidates that may have a party designation on a ballot are those running for federal, statewide, or General Assembly offices.

Upcoming Deadlines 

See News Release on Upcoming Registration Deadline on October 12th!

The last day to get registered or make changes is: 22 days before a Primary or General Election and shorter for special elections to fill vacancies.  (Tues., Oct 12th)

In-Person Early Voting begins: 45 days prior to the Election in which you wish to vote, visit our office to vote early in-person.  (Fri., Sept 17th)
Additional Hours: The two Saturday’s prior to an election. (Sat., Oct 23rd & Sat., Oct 30th)

Monday - Friday Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm
2 Saturday's Above Hours: 9am - 5pm

Last day of In-Person Early Voting: The Saturday prior to Election Day. (Sat., Oct 30th)

The last day to request to Vote by Mail is: 11 days before Election Day, which is the Second Friday before Election Day. (Fri., Oct 22nd)

Reminder, bring acceptable ID to Vote and polls are Open from 6am - 7pm.  Always at your normal polling location for Election Day!   See the list of Acceptable ID's here

Ballot Drop Box Webpage

Absentee Vote by Mail and Early Voting In-Person

Access your Virginia voter record online here Absentee Voting to apply to vote absentee and view your absentee ballot status!  Everyone in the state of Virginia requesting an Absentee Ballot by mail must complete a Vote by Mail Application Form before receiving an Absentee Ballot.

We have a Secure Drive-through "Ballot Drop Box" that is available for you to safely return your ballot on time with no in-person contact!  The Drop Box is under 24 hour surveillance and is located at the back of our Building One, which is the parking lot entrance area to our office. Do not use the Treasurer’s Drop Box at the entry off Justice Dr. The Ballot Drop Box is located at: 6467 Main St., Building One, Gloucester, VA

IMPORTANT: When returning your Absentee Ballot by Mail or through the Ballot Drop Box, please be sure to enclose your ballot in "Envelope B" completed, sealed and inside of the pre-paid postage envelope provided.

Please return the ballot unopened in the pre-addressed envelope to our office before Election Day, bring it with you to the polls on Election Day or use our Drive-through Ballot Drop Box.

If you have requested or received an absentee by mail ballot but would rather vote in person, please bring your unopened ballot with you when you go to vote, you may either vote early in person at your registrar’s office or at your polling place on Election Day.

Please note, once you request an Absentee Ballot you are marked as already voting in this election, if you change your mind and want to vote In-Person on Election Day you must return the unvoted Absentee Ballot to vote normal or you will be required to vote a provisional ballot.

YES, absentee ballots by mail or in-person are counted at their own precinct on Election Day.  This is our Central Absentee Precinct, referred to as the CAP.

Ballot Scout - Track your Absentee Mail Ballot 

Citizen Portal - Track your Returned Absentee Mail Ballot

Accessible Voting

Does age or disability make it difficult for you to Vote on Election Day?
You have options: Absentee by Mail, Curbside Voting, click here to see more info and Vote!

UOCAVA Notice - Military and Overseas Voters

(Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act)

Make sure your ballot gets in on time! Click here for everything you need to know to vote.

Register to Vote or Change your Registration

Access online here Register to Vote or Change your Registration the registration site available 24 hours a day to get registered to vote or view your Virginia voter record  to update your registration, also see your polling place and election district information.  Please note: The deadline to register to vote also applies to updating your voter registration address.  Generally the deadline for registration is three weeks before a general election and shorter for special elections to fill vacancies.  If your address change is not submitted to the office of the general registrar by the applicable deadline for the election in which you wish to vote, you may not be able to vote.  Please notify the general registrar of address changes promptly here.

Interested in becoming an Election Officer

We are always looking for New Election Officers .  Participate so YOU can greatly enhance the voting experience for yourself and everyone else. YOU can speed up processing. YOU can shorten lines. YOU can gain great personal satisfaction from exercising your right to vote. YOU can become an Election Officer; just fill out the Request for Appointment Form.

Voter Registration Drives

Effective July 1, 2013 all individuals or organizations requesting 25 or more voter registration applications are required to register and complete The Virginia Department of Elections certified training. For more information on how to get certified, please visit the Voter Registration Training website.

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To be qualified to vote, the Constitution of Virginia requires that citizens be registered in the precinct in which they live.  Don’t Forget your Identification!

Viginia is for Voters

Are you interested in Becoming a Candidate?  You should know...

  An election cycle begins on January 1 of the year that the candidate first seeks election for the office, forms may be filed any time after January 1 of the election year and before the filing deadline of the election.

  A candidate must file a Statement of Organization (§24.2-947.1) and register as a candidate for campaign finance purposes within 10 days of meeting any of the requirements listed in Section 2.1.

  The candidate will be required to establish a campaign committee even if the committee does not consist of any individual other than the candidate.  Campaign committees are required to establish a campaign depository in a financial institution located within the Commonwealth.  Personal bank accounts may not be used under any circumstances.

  It is important to understand that there is more to the law than just timely filing the required campaign finance reports. As a candidate or treasurer, you should familiarize yourself with the Summary of Virginia’s Campaign Finance Laws and Policies for Candidate Campaign Committees for it will serve as a valuable resource.

Find all this information and more at The Department of Elections Website: