Community Planning Initiatives & Projects

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan, the County has completed multiple Sub-Area Plans as well as Other Planning Initiatives. Sub-Area Plans are focused planning efforts aimed to guide the timing and nature of growth and development in a defined area within the County whereas Other Planning Initiatives are centered around one or more planning topics, such as Economic Development, Transportation, and Recreation. These Plans are utilized by staff, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors and are incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan to guide the decision-making process for the County's future and pursue funding for enhancements and improvements within the County.

Gloucester County's Sub-Area Plans have focused on the County's two village areas: the Gloucester Court House Village Area and the Gloucester Point/Hayes Village Area.  Two Sub-Area Plans have been conducted for the Gloucester Court House Village Area in partnership with the Main Street Preservation Trust and one Plan was completed for the Gloucester Point/Hayes Village Area. These Plans have assisted County staff in securing funding for pedestrian enhancement projects along Route 17 and other secondary roads, among other improvements within the County, and is being utilized to guide the County's Zoning Ordinance Update initiative.

Other Planning Initiatives have been performed to address a variety of issues, including floodplains, housing, and alternative transportation. Many of these Plans were completed with the assistance of other County departments, regional Planning District Commissions, and local nonprofits and other organizations. As these are more focused in scope, Other Planning Initiatives are integrated into the respective chapters of the Comprehensive Plan and help to formulate the goals, objectives, and implementation strategies found within the Plan.