The U.S. Census Bureau and University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center produces and provides population, economic, and housing data (among other types) for Gloucester County through the decennial census and annual American Community Survey performed by the Census Bureau and other studies generated by the Weldon Cooper Center. Upon the release of the decennial census data, the Planning Division provides technical support to the County’s Redistricting Committee, which is required by State law to redraw magisterial districts and precincts in a manner that provides proportional representation. New district lines are adjusted based on changes in the County’s population reflected in the new decennial census data.

Population and Housing

YearCounty PopulationHousing Units
2010 Census36,85815,852
2020 Census38,71117,049

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Staff monitors the release of decennial census data, annual American Community Survey estimates, and other studies to evaluate current and future demographic and socioeconomic statistics and trends. The Planning Division utilizes this data for research purposes when amending local ordinances, reviewing rezoning and Conditional Use Permit applications, advising the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, and consulting with other local, state, and federal resources as well as nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and individual citizens. Furthermore, state code requires the Comprehensive Plan to be updated every five years. Any new data, including that related to population, demographics, economics, and housing (among others), is incorporated into the revised Comprehensive Plan.

Various organizations produce community/locality profiles for Gloucester County, which details population, economic, education, and other characteristics. Below are community profiles available for Gloucester County and the surrounding region: