What You Can Do

Mosquito Management begins at home, for everyone in the County, in or out of a Mosquito Control District! Although we have all heard of the salt marsh mosquitoes, some varieties of mosquitoes like the same type of habitat as we do. By performing some simple self-help to eliminate breeding places for mosquitoes around your yard, you might just stop some from hatching at your own home.

Try taking a walk around your home to discover places mosquitoes might breed and eliminate them:

  • Overgrown shrubbery and tall grass that could provide a mosquito haven, trim and mow to encourage mosquitoes to rest elsewhere.
  • Standing water of all types, including rainwater that has collected in containers-remember, any water that isn't moving could become a mosquito nursery! Pour it out... as little as a teaspoon full of water could provide a hatchery.
  • View mosquito control tips (PDF).