Gloucester Flood Information

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Know Your Risk

Gloucester County has many insurable causes of flooding including:

  • Coastal Flooding (Hurricanes, Nor’Easters)
  • Rain-driven (Riverine, Sheet Flow, Pooling/Ponding)
  • Dam Failure Inundation (Beaverdam High Hazard Dam, Privately-Owned Low Hazard Dams)
  • Water Main Failure (Public Utility System, Private Water Supply Systems)

FEMA’s Mapping Service Center (MSC) is the official flood information source for insurance rating purposes. To determine your risk of being flooded by a 100-year event, visit the Mapping Service Center and enter your address. Generally the blue shaded areas (Zones A, AE, AO and VE) of the map will indicate the 100-year flood zone.

Flooding often occurs outside of the 100-year flood zone and for this reason we encourage residents and business owners to take steps to determine addition risk. For example, the Hurricane Surge map below indicates flooding in many regions of Gloucester that is not in a 100-year flood zone.

Gloucester Hurricane Surge Image

Hurricane Surge Zones (does not indicate rain-driven flooding)

If public water service is available to you or is present in your area, you may also be at risk to flooding due to a water main failure. This type of flooding is insurable if two or more structures are flooded.

The County has detailed its approach to managing these flood plains in the Coastal Floodplain Management Plan (PDF).

Insure Your Property

Contact your insurance agent or call toll-free 1-800-427-4661 to determine your cost of insurance. If your property is outside of the 100-year flood zone then you will likely qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) which offers affordable rates.