Drainage System Maintenance


As a resident of Gloucester County you may already have a BMP (Best Management Practice) regarding water drainage. These are structural or vegetation devices designed to reduce sediment and pollutant loads contained in storm water runoff. 

These may include dry wells, infiltration trenches, vegetative filter strips and grass swells. Larger projects may include wet ponds and extended detention ponds.

Flood damage along a residential street

Reporting a Concern

Many of the roads in Gloucester County are state roads and the roads and the ditches associated with them are state maintained. If you find obstructions impeding the functions of these ditches please contact VDOT in Saluda at 804-758-2321.

Privately Owned Roads

The remainder of the roads in the County are privately owned and maintained. With the hurricane season approaching residents living on private roads may want to check ditches and remove any debris or obstructions. 

The proper maintenance and removal of debris from road ditches will assure floodwater drainage. This is especially true in a tidal community. If the flood and storm waters are restricted from draining the situation can be dramatically impacted with the occurrence of the next high tide.


Please note that placing refuse, refuse receptacles or containers in or over storm drains would be viewed as a violation of the Gloucester County Code Sec 9-36. Violations should be reported to the Gloucester County Environmental Programs office at 693-1217.