Courtroom Etiquette

Rules of the Gloucester Courthouse Building

If you are entering the Courthouse Building, we ask that you follow these rules to help our staff maintain effective operation and ensure that you are in compliance with proper courtroom etiquette:

  • Do not enter the building with any weapons or what could be utilized as weapons. This includes pocket knives, mace, firearms, scissors, etc.
  • Do not bring with you any food or drink. If you are here for a period of time, these items may be purchased through vending machines located on the basement level of the Courthouse Building. You may not take any food or drink into a courtroom with you.
  • To maintain safety and security of the building, all items will be searched as you enter the Courthouse Building. This includes but is not limited to: canes, packages, purses, backpacks, strollers, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Please arrive on time and as you enter the building, please remove any and all loose items from your pockets and follow procedure as directed by the deputy staffing the metal detector. This makes entry into the building faster and our screening process more effective. Our detectors are sensitive. Items you believe may not set off alarms, will indeed, do so.
  • Please be dressed appropriately when you enter the Courthouse Building. Examples of clothing not tolerated are: shorts, shirts bearing midriff or shoulders, hats, sunglasses, and flip-flops. If you plan to visit one of our courtrooms, please ensure your shirt is tucked in prior to entry.
  • Our staff prefers you to leave any cell phone, pager and/or electronic device in your vehicle prior to entry into the Courthouse Building. Should you bring these items through screening, you will be asked to turn these devices off, not on vibrate or silent. If these devices are activated while inside of the building, they may be confiscated. No public cell phone use is tolerated in the courtroom or in the Courthouse Building.
  • When you enter the courtroom, talking and chewing gum is not allowed. Any disruption will be cause for dismissal.
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