Inmate Programs & Services Available

If an inmate has not received either a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED), he or she may attend GED classes, receive materials as necessary, and even have the opportunity to test for their GED during their stay at the Gloucester County Jail. This program is provided to the inmate, free-of-charge, by the Literacy Volunteers of Gloucester.

Religious Services

Inmates are offered religious service programs in the Gloucester County Jail. These non-denominational services are provided by volunteers throughout the community.

Books / Newspapers

A book cart is provided to the Gloucester County Jail and is frequently restocked by community volunteers to ensure that a wide-variety of reading materials, from books to periodicals, is readily available to the inmates. In addition, each cell block receives a daily newspaper for up-to-date information on current events.

A law library is also available for inmates to use while being housed at the Gloucester County Jail. The complete Code of Virginia is available upon request through a check-out process, and certain conditions may permit the inmate to use a computer upon prior approval of the Sheriff or his designee.

Recovery Classes

Substance abuse is wide-spread in Gloucester County, and many inmates realize the need to participate in addiction avoidance and recovery classes. Many inmates take advantage of the availability of these substance abuse resistance classes, which are offered on a weekly basis.


Notary Service is available to the inmates, free-of-charge and upon request, providing the availability of staff is sufficient and routine jail operations permit.