Flood Safety

Taking Action

Several actions can be taken by floodplain residents to reduce the potential of injury due to flooding:

  • Do not walk through flowing water. Currents can be deceptive and can knock you off your feet. If you must walk through standing water carry a stick or pole with you to test ground where you are walking.
Map pushing his car in deep flooding water
  • Do not drive through flooded areas. If you come to a flooded road TURN AROUND, you won’t know the depth of the water or the condition of the road under the water. Many deaths occur when automobiles are swept downstream.
  • Evacuate the flood hazard area in times of impending flood or when advised to. Don’t delay in evacuating once you get word to leave. Take your most reliable vehicle and stick to designated evacuation routes.
  • Shut off all utilities, including electricity, water services and gas to your home.