Gloucester's Flood Warning Procedure

Stay Informed

The Gloucester County Emergency Operations Plan was developed to prepare the county for a variety of disasters, including flooding. If a flood should occur, warning and emergency communications will be coordinated through Emergency Services and the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office

Emergency Operations Center

When activated during a storm event the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During a disaster the emergency phone help line may be activated through the Emergency Operations Center, at which time the number will be published through the media and on the County’s website.

Satellite Image of Hurricane Isabel

National Weather Service

Watches and warning will be issued by the National Weather Service as applicable and should protective actions such as sheltering in place and/or evacuation action be necessary, County will make notifications using all available resources including the CodeRED system.

Point of Contact

The Gloucester County Sheriff’s office is the point of contact for receipt of all warnings and notification of actual or impending floods. The dispatcher on duty will notify key Gloucester County Staff and the appropriate department heads as required. The Emergency Services Department and / or Public Information Office will contact the following local radio and television stations and newspapers to notify residents of a potential flood danger.

Notification Outlets

Radio Stations:

  • WKEZ (FM 94)
  • WWDE “2WD” (FM 102)
  • WXGM (AM 1420 / FM 99.1)

Television Stations: