The GIS office is responsible for assigning addresses to new construction. There is occasion where addresses are required on other structures such as garage apartments, workshops, etc. This is to ensure the proper delivery of Enhanced 911 service to the citizens of Gloucester County.

Grid System

When Gloucester instituted Enhanced 911 in 1993, a grid system was chosen. The beginning number is determined using a pre-ranged numbering grid. Once the start number is determined, measurements are taken and calculated. For every ten feet of road frontage, there is one address number. (example: 100 feet = 10 numbers....if the center of house A is 100 feet from the center of house B, their addresses would be 10 numbers apart. House A = 5690 My Street Lane - House B = 5700 My Street Lane) 

Address ranges are sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing depending on the direction of the road. If you feel there in an error in the data, please contact our office and we will be happy to look into the matter.


Addresses are assigned to buildings and not parcels in Gloucester due to the rural nature of the county.

Address Graphic