Enhanced 911 Database


The Enhanced 911 (E911) database was created and implemented that in any given emergency, Gloucester dispatch could successfully direct emergency service personnel to locate and service the citizenry of Gloucester.

Maintenance & Updates

The E911 is maintained by the GIS office and updated by way of a weekly download from Verizon. This weekly database update is performed to update changed phone numbers and addresses when citizens move into a newly constructed home or simply relocate. It also contains the response areas for quicker and more accurate dispatches by the fire, rescue and Sheriff's departments. The database is downloaded to the Sheriff's department to be available for dispatch.

Gloucester County E911 GIS System Database (PDF)

Gloucester Couny E911  GIS System Database with lines filled in

House Number

It is important to display your house numbers so that emergency service personnel can quickly and easily identify your home if you have dialed 911.


It is the responsibility of the GIS office to download and update the records from Verizon each week and verify that the addresses that the phone company has are valid. It is the responsibility of the resident to provide the correct address to the phone company at the time of service connection. However, whenever possible, we try to assist if the incorrect address shows up in our reports.

Master Street Addressing Guide

We also maintain the MSAG (Master Street Addressing Guide) with Verizon. Updates are sent to Verizon with the street names and address ranges.