Garden Sheets

  1. 10-Invasive Plants
  2. 2-Lawns
  3. A Conversation Between God and St. Francis (PDF)
  4. Abingdon History Tree Project (PDF)
  5. Abingdon Tree Map Rev. 2019
  6. Backyard Bistro - Miscellaneous (PDF)
  7. Beauty in Winter Garden by Tom Baughn (PPT)
  8. Best Roses for our Region - Peter Kuksielski - New York Times (PDF)
  9. Bethany Beck Garden Bibliography
  10. Beyond the Food Patch - Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries (PDF)
  11. Boxwoods - Diane Relf - VCE (PDF)
  12. Build a Rain Garden
  13. Butterflies - Denise Greene - Sassafras Farm (PDF)
  14. Butterflies - Save the Monarchs - Plant Milkweed - USFW - Native Plants (PDF)
  15. Butterfly Gardening - Martin, Suzanne Swift and Cynda Carlton (PDF)
  16. Camellia C. sasanqua Kanjiro - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  17. Camellia Fall from a 4th Floor View of Lancaster County - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  18. Camellia Japonica Tri-Color (JPEG)
  19. Camellia Planting Care - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  20. Camellia Resources and Sources - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  21. Camellia Species - Bob Goddhart (PDF)
  22. Camellia Variety Recommendations - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  23. Camellias - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  24. Camellias A Passion for Landscape Design and Gardening - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  25. Camellias Design You into Your Garden - A Common Sense Approach - Bob Goodhart (PDF)
  26. Catmints, Not Just for Kittens
  27. Climate Changes in Hampton Roads - Dr. Doug Dwoyer (PDF)
  28. Common Birds of Virginia by Bob Schamerhorn - website: (PDF)
  29. Companion Planting by Lavender Fields Herb Farm - Nicole Schermerhorn - Lavender Fields Farm (PDF)
  30. Compost Tea - Bill Garlette - Newport News Master Gardener (PDF)
  31. Composting for Healthy Gardens - Jim Newton - Gloucester Master Gardener (PDF)
  32. Curb Appeal - Kathy van Mullenkom - Daily Press (PDF)
  33. Denise Greene - Landscaping with Natives (PDF)
  34. Designing Your Garden for Year Round Interest by George McLellan (PDF)
  35. Dolly Sods - A Brief Introduction - Jim Rentch - West Virginia University (PDF)
  36. Ecology - David Mellor, PhD (PDF)
  37. Eden Woods Moss Garden - Norie Burnet (PDF)
  38. Enhancing the Community Through Demonstration and Education - Debbie Dillion - Loudon County (PDF)
  39. Environmental Lawns - Mike Goatley - Virginia Tech (PDF)
  40. Even the Dead Can Grow Roses - Joy Long - Gloucester Master Gardener (PDF)
  41. Farm Foody - Tom Davenport (PDF)
  1. Ferns - Enjoy Hardy Ferns in the Landscape - Jim Orband (PDF)
  2. Ferns List - Ferns in the Landscape- Jim Orband (PDF)
  3. Forests for the Bay - Craig Highfield (PDF)
  4. Garden Calendar ( Sowing in hot Beds) - Anderson Home Gardens - Newport News (PDF)
  5. Garden Calendar (Sowing in Open Ground) - Anderson Home Gardens - Newport News (PDF)
  6. Garden Escape Artists (PDF)
  7. Giant Hogweed
  8. Grass List - Helen Hamilton (XLS)
  9. Grasses Ornamental - Helen Hamilton (PDF)
  10. Habitat Beyond Honey Bees Insect Pollinators in the Land (PDF)
  11. Habitat Bring Back the Pollinators - Jane Henley (PDF)
  12. Habitat Carols Top Ten Plus 2 - 1 - Carol Heiser and Susan Walton (PDF)
  13. Habitat Carols Top Ten Plus 2 - Carol Heiser and Susan Walton (PDF)
  14. Habitat Coastal Plain Native Plants - Department of Conservation, Restoration and Landscaping (PDF)
  15. Habitat Go Wild Backyard Creation Habitat (PDF)
  16. Habitat Native Herbs (PDF)
  17. Habitat Native Plants for Gloucester County Gardens - Karen Duhring 2017 (PDF)
  18. Habitat Northern Neck Native Plants (PDF)
  19. Habitat Plants for Pollinators - Helen Hamilton (PDF)
  20. Habitat Tallamys List - Doug Tallamy (PDF)
  21. Health Chart - Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (PDF)
  22. Holiday Decorations - Marion Baker (PDF)
  23. Honeybees - Jean Lorre-Smith (PDF)
  24. Hooper Bald Project - Jim Brant (PDF)
  25. Horticultural Therapy - Betsy Lane - Gloucester Master Gardener (PDF)
  26. How to Make a Rain Barrel - Kathy van Mullekom - Daily Press (PDF)
  27. How to Make a Worm Bin - Virginia Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  28. Hummingbirds
  29. Hydrangeas by George McLellan (DOC)
  30. Introduction to Botany - Preliminaries - Dr. Doug DeBerry (PDF)
  31. Introduction to Botany - Species ID Terminology (Compatibility Model) - Dr. Doug DeBerry (PDF)
  32. Invasives - Dorothy Geyer (PDF)
  33. Late Spring and Early Summer Blooms
  34. Lawnternatives by Nicole Zema - Virginia Farm Bureau Federation
  35. Leave No Trace Part 1 - David Lauthers (PDF)
  36. Leave No Trace Part 2 - David Lauthers (PDF)
  37. Leave No Trace Part 3 - David Lauthers (PDF)
  38. Making a Great EDDMapS Report (PDF)
  39. Measures (PDF)
  40. Metric Conversions (PDF)
  41. Mulching (DOC)
  1. Mulching (PDF)
  2. Mushrooms - Tom Teeples (PDF)
  3. Mycology - Tom Teeples (PDF)
  4. Native Plants - Herbs DCR (PDF)
  5. Native Plants for Southeast Virginia Including the Hampton Roads Region (PDF)
  6. Natural Gardening - Anna Schmidt (PDF)
  7. Organic Horticulture - Bill Garlette - Newport News Master Gardener (PDF)
  8. Organic or Inorganic - Jack Eden (PDF)
  9. Patented and Trademarked Plants - Cheri Haggerty (PDF)
  10. Pictorial Review of Hydrangeas by George McLellan (PPT)
  11. Planting a Butterfly Garden
  12. Plants and Climate Change by Dr. Janet Steven
  13. Plants That Deer Will Not Eat - N.Y. Mid-Atlantic Gardeners Book of Lists (PDF)
  14. Preserving Cut Flowers - Jack Eden (PDF)
  15. Propagation Briefing - Denise Greene - Sassafras Farm (PDF)
  16. Rain Gardens - Jim Newton - Gloucester Master Gardener (PDF)
  17. Rainy Days and Slugs
  18. Re-blooming Bearded Irises - Mike Lockatell - Roots and Blooms (PDF)
  19. Rhododendron Species Study at Gregory Bald (PDF)
  20. Salt-Tolerant Shrubs
  21. Secret Codes - Kathleen M. Gips - The Language of Flowers (PDF)
  22. Snake bites: Easily prevented by leaving snakes alone by Kathy Dixon - Virginia Farm Bureau Federation (PDF)
  23. Snakes Bites by Karen Dixon - Virginia Farm Bureau Federation
  24. The Dirt on Dirt - Rhonda L. Bowen, Hampton Roads Sanitation District (PDF)
  25. Tidewater Growing Solutions - Homeowners Guide to Protecting the Environment (PDF)
  26. Toxic Members of the Carrot Family
  27. Tree Pruning Basics by Herb Hotchner (PPT)
  28. Trees and Planting Problems - Jim Newton - Gloucester Master Gardener (PDF)
  29. Trees and Shrub Planting Guidelines - Bonnie Appleton - Virginia Beach (PDF)
  30. Trees Handout (PDF)
  31. Trees That Grow in Gloucester - Gloucester Master Gardeners and Tree Stewards (PDF)
  32. Vegetable Gardening on the Middle Peninsula - Jim Orband (PDF)
  33. Vermicomposting - Kandy Keith and Sue Sanders (PDF)
  34. Virginia Department of Forestry - Urban and Community Forestry
  35. Virginia Invasive Plant Species List (PDF)
  36. Virginias Non Point Source Nutrient Program - Jenny McGarvey (PDF)
  37. Ware Tree Map - Sue Perrin and Arlene Ramsey (PDF)
  38. Water Wise - Jeff Miller - Virginia Green Industry Council (PDF)
  39. Wetlands of the Middle Peninsula -Karen Duhring (PDF)
  40. What Grass Should I Plant - Mike Goatley - Virginia Tech (PDF)
  41. Worlds Largest Garden - Keukenhof, Holland (PDF)

Keys to Proper Use of Pesticides

  • Dispose of empty pesticide containers properly.
  • Read the label on each pesticide container before each use. Follow the printed instructions to the letter; heed all cautions and warnings; note precautions about residues.
  • Store pesticides in the containers in which you bought them. Put them where children and animals cannot get to them preferably locked-up and away from food, feed, seed, and other materials that may become harmful if contaminated.

Notice: Because pesticide labels can change rapidly, you should read the label directions carefully before buying and using any pesticides. See your physician if symptoms of illness occur during or after the use of pesticides.