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The 21st Edition Collectible Ornament is "Hayes Store School". Hayes Store School first opened its doors in 1904. The original school was a four-room building on the present site of the Abingdon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad in Hayes and provided instruction for white students in grades first through eleventh. The school came into existence because school officials at the time recognized the need for a secondary educational system. The state also recognized the need and established funding for high schools in Virginia. Due to the efforts of Mr. Joshua Bray, Clerk of the Abingdon District School Board, funding was received from the state and the first public high school in Gloucester County was established. The 1904-1905 session was opened with Mr. Herbert Bridges as Principal. Mr. Bridges is credited with naming the school “Hayes Store High School” because of its proximity to the Hayes Store Post Office. The duration of the school year through 1909-1910 was eight months. Mr. Kirk was Principal for the 1909-1910 session and held the first graduation ceremony with three graduates. During the 1910-1911 session, with Dr. W. R. Chapman as Principal, the school year was lengthened to nine months. With increasing interest, came increasing demand for improvements to the equipment and building. The  citizens and Board worked together to complete the improvements. Two classrooms and a porch were added to one side of the school and an auditorium and porch were added on the other side. The school would eventually have six classrooms, an auditorium and a large hall, as well as a small room that was built behind the main building for the Principal’s office. The school served as a high school until the 1920s, when Hayes Store School transitioned to an elementary school, and it eventually closed in 1962 with the opening of Abingdon Elementary School.

The Gloucester Historical Committee is offering this series of ornaments commemorating the historical buildings of the Gloucester. The 24 karat gold overlay ornaments are gift boxed and contain a "Romance Card" narrating the history of the building.

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Ornaments are available by mail as noted on the form (PDF). The ornaments, costing $18 on site or $20 by mail, are available at the Gloucester Museum of History, Gloucester Library's Main and Point Branches, Gloucester Visitor's Center, and Gloucester Treasurer's Office. Ornaments are also available at the Gloucester Museum of History are Gloucester County Garden Flags. The durable green 12 inch by 18 inch flags have the County seal appliqued on both sides and may be purchased for $15 payable to "Friends of the Museum."

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Books are available at the Gloucester Museum of History Gift Shop. Please stop by the Museum to purchase a copy of any of the books (PDF) or contact the Museum for the additional shipping and handling costs for mailed book orders.

Cemeteries of Lower Gloucester and More Cemeteries of Gloucester County Virginia

A book by Harry R. Jordan.

These books are available at the Gloucester Museum of History for $40 per copy. Please stop by the Museum to purchase a copy or print out and send in the order form (PDF) to have one mailed to you for $44.

Proceedings of the Gloucester Monument Association

At the unveiling of the monument at Gloucester Court House, Virginia on Wednesday, September 18, 1889.

Reproduced and enhanced in 2004 by the combined efforts of Betty Jean Deal, Director of the Gloucester Museum of History and L. Roane Hunt, Past President of the Gloucester Genealogical Society of Gloucester, VA. The 42 page booklet is $3 plus $1 postage, for a total of $4. Available from:
"Friends of the Museum"
P. O. Box 1176
Gloucester, VA 23061-1176

Please make checks payable to "Friends of the Museum."

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