Gazette Journal Garden Columns


Protect Your Plants in Cold Weather 1-6-22

Plant Native Groundcovers in Wooded Areas 1-13-22

Update on a Destructive Pest 1-20-22

It's Seed Catalogue Season 1-27-22

Winter Sowing 2-3-22

Get Ready for Spring Pruning 2-10-22

Deciduous Tree and Shrub Pruning 2-17-22

How to Prune Evergreens 2-24-22

Bradford Pear Is in the News Again 3-1

Evergreens and Bagworms Revisited 3-3-22

Undesirable Tree Invaders 3-10-22

Add New Perennials to Your Garden 3-24-22

Irises, Garden Show-Stoppers 4-7-22

Siberian and Japanese Irises 4-14-22

Why Are  Microclimates Important 4-21-22

Injury Prevention Tips for Gardeners 4-28-22

Ticks Are Waiting for You to Pass By 5-12-22

Is Your Soil Healthy 5-26-22

Leafcutter Bees and Other Garden Visitors 6-2-22

Native Carpenters, Miners, Masons, and Bumblers 6-9-22

Silver Leaves for Contrast 6-16-22

Lots of Gardening Questions 6-23-22

Why Plant Virginia Natives?  6-30-22


The Cunning Fox  1-7-21

Will Frost Damage My Lawn?  1-14-21

Broadleaf Winter Weeds 1-21-21

Gardening Projects for Kids 1-28-21

Native Bees Will Pollinate Your Garden 2-4-21

Plant Flowers That Attract Native Bees 2-11-21

Early Spring Cleanup 2-18-21

Sunshine, Green leaves, and a Ladybug 2-25-21

New Herbs for the Garden 3-4-21

Spring Pruning Time Again 3-11-21

Prune Crape Myrtles to Enhance Their Beauty 3-18-21

Cheerful Summer Annuals 3-25-21

Dahlias for Summer Garden Color 4-1-21

Update on Spotted Lanternfly 4-8-21

Hummingbird Season 4-15-21

Earth Day 4-22-21

Composting Benefits  4-29-21

Plant Trees for Bees  5-6-21

Biennials Provide Garden Color  5-13-21

Food Fit for Caterpillars  5-20-21

Live Oak  5-27-21

Prevent Muscle and Joint Injuries  6-3-21

Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus  6-17-21

Colorful Summer Perennials  6-24-21

Hydrangea Dilemma  7-1-21

Mushroom Compost or Peat Moss  7-8-21

Squash Vine Borer  7-15-21

A Bird Mortality Event  7-22-21

No, No, Nandina  7-29-21

Eleagnus – Another Invasive 8-5-21

Majestic Monarch  8-12-21

Make Your Own Cottage Garden 8-19-21

Fall Garden Preview 8-26-21

Native Shrubs to Plant this Fall 9-2-21

Gardening in Small Spaces 9-9-21

Fall Is Perennial Planting Time 9-16-21

When Plants Change Their Names 9-23-21

Diagnosing Plant Diseases 9-30-21

Who Are the Master Naturalists 10-7-21

Three Useful Native Trees 10-14-21

Plant Asparagus for Spring 10-21-21

Do You Need a Rain Garden 10-28-21

Adventures in Mushrooming 11-4-21

An Everlasting Garden 11-11-21

Gifts for The Gardeners on Your List 11-18-21

A Time to Listen 11-25-21

O Christmas Tree 12-2-21

Christmas Tree Selection and Safety 12-9-21

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Woes 12-16-21

Wishing for the Light 12-23-21


Living with Raccoons  1-2-20

Woods in Winter Reveal Evergreen Invasives 1-9-20

Healing Gifts from the Earth 1-16-20

A Natural Hedge as Boundary and Habitat 1-23-20

Plant Different Annuals this Spring 1-30-20

Every Groundhog Has its Day 2-6-20

Why Are Leaves Hanging On 2-13-20

Know Your Gardening Limitations 2-20-20

Slime Flux, a Stinky Mess 3-5-20

Grow Roses This Year 3-12-20

Musings on Self-Care in Nature 3-19-20

Common Rose Diseases and Insects 4-2-20

Redbud, Loviest of Spring Trees 4-9-20

Asparagus- Springtime Delight 4-16-20

The New Victory Garden 4-23-20

Variegated Weigela Shows Its True Colors 4-30-20

Azalea Leaf and Flower Gall 5-14-20

The Dreaded Rose Rosette Disease 5-21-20

A Deer-Resistant Perennial Border 5-28-20

Oakleaf Hydrangea 6-4-20

A Hardy Kiwi Vine that Refuses to Grow 6-18-20

Why Correct Plant Terminology Is Important 6-25-20

When Weeds Are Not Wildflowers 7-2-20

Identification of Common Garden Weeds 7-9-20

Perennials for Late Summer to Early Fall 7-16-20

Master Gardener Interns Are Busy at Woodville Park 7-23-20

The Return of The Blob 7-30-20

The Value of Planting Natives 8-6-20

Two Low Maintenance Shrubs 8-13-20

Give Trees Room to Grow 8-20-20

Littleleaf Linden— Loved by Bees 8-27-20

Salt Tolerant Shrubs 9-3-20

Planting Fall Vegetable Crops 9-10-20

Musings on Summer's End 9-17-20

Tea Plants, a New Gardening Venture 9-24-20

Soft and Furry, but Don't Touch 10-1-20

Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter 10-8-20

Beware the Poison Plants 10-22-20

Mysterious, Ghostly Plants in the Woods 10-29-20

It's Time to Make Garden Plans 11-5-20

Bringing a Garden to Life 11-12-20

Cherrybark Oak  11-19-20

Thankful for Turkeys  11-26-20

A Gift for that Special Gardener  12-3-20

Biodiversity in the Soil  12-10-20

It's Time to Write About Fig Trees  12-17-20

Brighten the Season With Color  12-24-20

Finding Magic in Nature  12-31-20


Brighten Winter Days with House Plants  1-3-19

Connecting with Your Woodland Property  1-10-19

Plant Native and Avoid Invasives  1-13-19

Rapunzel Is Not Just a Princess in Fairy Tale  1-17-19

A Spider in the House 1-24-19

Ladybird  2-7-19

Dandelion – Weed or Wildflower  2-14-19

Eastern Redcedar  2-21-19

Juniper-Rosaceous Fungal Rusts  2-28-19

River Birch  3-7-19

Prevent Emerald Ash Borer Infestation  3-14-19

Try Companion Planting This Spring  3-21-19

Wiregrass  3-28-2019

Add Native Plants to Your Garden  4-4-19

Caring for Spring Flowering Shrub-Camellias  4-11-19

Caring for Forsythia and Hydrangea  4-18-19

Azalea and Rhododendron Care  4-25-19

Not Every Flower in the the Garden Smells Sweet  5-9-19

A Floppy Euphorbia   5-23-19

Herbaceeous and Tree Peonies  5-30-19

Brown Patches on False Yew  6-6-19

Take Care of Your Body While Gardening  6-13-19

Back to the Garden After Vacation  6-20-19

Japanese Beetle Invasion  6-27-19

Summer Afternoons and Butterflies 7-4-19

Sustainable Farming Practices 7-11-19

Favorite Perennials for High Summer and Beyond  7-18-19

Trumpet Creeper Is Just Plain Creepy 7-25-19

Virginia Creeper 8-1-19

Jumping Worms! 8-8-19

Depleted Resource Atlantic White Cedar 8-15-19

Waxmyrtle- A Shrub for a Riparian Barrier 8-22-19

Broadleaf Summer Annual Weeds 8-29-19

Monarch Butterflies 9-5-19

Milkweed Bugs and Native Milkweeds 9-12-19

Japanese Stiltgrass 9-19-19

Creeping Cucumber and Pickleworm 9-26-19

Spotted Lanternfly 10-3-19

Mysterious Growths on Tree Roots 10-17-19

Flash Drought 10-24-19

Woolly Bear Predictions and Other Lore 10-31-19

How to Live with Pesky Squirrels 11-7-19

Tropical Plants for Zone 7 11-14-19

Delicious Autumn 11-21-19

A Gift for Your Favorite Gardener 12-5-19

Resources for Diagnosis and Treatment of Plant Diseases 12-12-19

Saying Goodbye to a Friend 12-19-19

Winter Garden Wanderings 12-26-19


2018 The Squash Bug 7-26-18

2018 Sod Installation 9-13-18

2018 American Elderberry 9-27-18

2018 Large Tree Removal 10-25-18

2018 The Care and Feeding of Boxwoods 9-6-18

2018 Phragmities 9-20-2018

2018 Fall is Planting Time  10-4-18

2018 Maintain Clear Access for Emergency Vehicles 10-18-18

2018 Bulb Planting Time 11-1-18

2018 Gifts for Gardener 11-8-18

2018 Norfolk Island Pine, the Tiny Giant 11-15-18

2018 Start Making New Thanksgiving Traditions 11-22-18

2018 Mistletoe Facts and Lore 11-29-18

2018 Honeylocust 12-6-18

2018 The Birds of Winter 12-13-18

2018 Winter Garden Chores provide Exercise 12-20-18

2018  Building a Greenhouse 

2018  Flowering Dogwood 

2018  Dogwood’s Bad Guys 

20i8  Build a Rain Garden Opens a New Window.

2018  Catmints, Not just for Kittens Opens a New Window.

2018  Giant Hogweed Opens a New Window.

2018  Hummingbirds Opens a New Window.

2018  Late Spring and Early Summer Blooms Opens a New Window.

2018  Planting a Butterfly Garden Opens a New Window.

2018  Rainy Days and Slugs Opens a New Window.

2018  Salt Tolerant Shrubs Opens a New Window.

2018  Toxic Members of the Carrot Family Opens a New Window.

2018  Mother Earth’s Special Day 

2018  Old -Fashioned Summer Perennials 

2018  Pruning Evergreens  

2018  Sedum a Drought Tolerant Perennial 

2018  Stink Bugs

2018  Faery Gardens

2018  White Grubs and Brown Patches

2018  Protecting your skin from Sun Damage

2018  The problem with Invasive Species

2018  Grandmother’s Lilacs

2018  Demystifying Mulch Products