Planning Division

The Planning Division performs current and future planning functions for the County. Current planning includes review of Subdivision Plats, Site Plans, and applications for Rezonings and Conditional Use Permits as well as implementation of the Comprehensive Plan through code updates. Future planning includes updating the Comprehensive Plan in accordance with state code requirements, transportation planning in conjunction with VDOT and regional Planning District Commissions, and coordinating the Planning Commission's role within the development of the County's Capital Improvements Plan.

Planning Division staff includes the Director of Planning and Zoning, who also serves as the Subdivision Agent, as well as staff Planners. This division also serves as staff to the Planning Commission, reviewing applications prior to the Commission's review, researching potential amendments to the Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances for the Commission's consideration, and preparing materials for the Commission's meetings. The Planning Division performs advisory roles related to building code, economic development, environmentally-sensitive features, housing, and public utilities, among other topics.