Where can I pay my bill?


Click HERE Version OptionsPayment OptionsHeadline Version OptionsPayment OptionsHeadlineto pay UTILITIES by credit card. Click HEREVersion OptionsPayment OptionsHeadline Version OptionsPayment OptionsHeadline to pay UTILITIES by E-check*.


Payments made by E-Check will be posted once the payment has settled with the County's bank.  This can take up to 5 business days.  Once the payment has settled, it will be processed as of the date you initiated the payment.

Telephone Payments

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and E-Check payments can be made by telephone at 800-272-9829. Please use jurisdiction code 1087. These services are offered through a third-party processor and the fees are higher than in-office or online payments.  PLEASE NOTE: Telephone payments are not accepted for permits.  Permits may be paid online or in the office only. 

Telephone Payment Fee Schedule

  • Tax Payments - 3%
  • Utilities - $3.95
  • E-Checks - $2.50

Drop Box Payments

You may put your check or money order and payment stub in our drop box. The drop box is available 24/7 and is located in the median of Justice Drive between Gloucester County Offices Building One and Gloucester County Offices Building Two. Please make payments for Utility bills to "Gloucester County Utilities." For all others, please make your payment to "Gloucester County." Please do not put cash in the drop box.

Mail Payments

Please use the envelope provided to mail your check or money order and payment stub to our office. Our mailing address is:

Gloucester County Treasurer - Payments

6489 Main Street
Gloucester VA 23061

Please make payments for Utility bills to "Gloucester County Utilities." For all others, please make your payment to "Gloucester County."

Automatic Bank Debit Program

Automatic Bank Debit for Utility Payments can be setup to automatically withdraw from your checking or savings account. Access the Automatic Bank Debit sign-up form (PDF)Opens in New Window.

In Office Payments

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit Cards  (fees apply)
  • Money Orders


  • Credit Card Payments (online or in office) - 2.5%
  • E-Checks (online only) - FREE
  • Telephone Payments (Utilities & Tax Payments only)
           Tax Payments - 3% / Utilities - $3.95 / E-Checks - $2.50
  • Cash, checks, and money orders are always accepted by mail, drop box, and in office for FREE.

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