Where are the wetlands?

We have provided access to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s Wetland Inventory (PDF) using Google Earth’s imagery. 

This resource is useful for desktop assessment of tidal / non-tidal wetlands on property. Wetland presence is further substantiated through submittal of the Army Corps of Engineers pre-application / jurisdictional determination process. Gloucester County administers the 100-foot Resource Protection Area that extends 100 feet from wetlands that are connected and contiguous to wetlands / perennial waters.

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1. Where are the wetlands?
2. What is the RPA?
3. How often does the Chesapeake Bay Preservation and Erosion Commission meet?
4. How do I know if there is a RPA on my property?
5. When do I need a Land Disturbance Permit?
6. What is the purpose of the RPA?
7. What is a water dependent facility?