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  1. Thank you for volunteering to join the CLEAN TEAM!
    The Gloucester Clean Team picks up trash from roadsides and other public spaces, and members dispose of the trash bags on their own, at convenience centers. We are careful not to pick up anything that might be harmful and are issued safety guidelines and cleanup equipment from the Clean Community Office. By registering, you are telling us you will be regularly cleaning up roadside trash at your chosen location. Pick a spot, recruit a friend (or don't), then tell us what you need, below:
  2. Is that phone number OK to text?
  3. How many bags of trash are you commiting to picking up each month?
  4. What supplies would you like to receive from Clean Community?
  5. Anything you think the Clean Community Coordinator needs to know about your request...write it here! After your initial supply of bags, etc is used up, or if you need to replace broken equipment, you will be able to visit the Clean Team backyard shed to pick up additional supplies at your convenience.
  6. Please read this waiver before you submit the form!
    I (we) waive and release and and all rights and claims or damages I (we) may accrue against Gloucester County, its officers and agents or assigns for any and all injuries suffered by me (us) the participant(s), at a cleanup event or while traveling to and from a cleanup event. I (we) agree that our photos may be used by Gloucester County on social media, webpage, etc. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL OR PHONE CALL WHEN THE CLEAN COMMUNITY COORDINATOR HAS REVIEWED YOUR APPLICATION AND HAS EQUIPMENT READY FOR YOU TO PICK UP.
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